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Encuentra Trabajo Rapido

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Más sobre el fundador Fernando Ratkoczy

Con más de 20 años de experiencia como coach ejecutivo, en el desarrollo profesional y formador asociado con las mayores empresas de gestión de talento del mundo (LHH y DBM parte de ADECCO y AVERY BENNET entre otras). Ver entrevista de Fernando en Madrid


Fernando nos dice:

“Es muy sencillo: Hay  que escuchar con atención para comprender la meta y así poder gestionar con eficiencia y eficacia los plazos, y limitaciones de recursos para lograr el éxito más allá de las expectativas.”

Fernando aplica diferentes estrategias innovadoras que se adaptan a la constante evolución del mercado laboral, ofreciendo respuestas a todos los niveles y perfiles. Posee habilidades excepcionales de comunicación por su amplia trayectoria, que le permiten relacionarse excepcionalmente bien con clientes de  diferentes culturas,  y hacer presentaciones atractivas a grandes o pequeños grupos,  tanto en español  como en inglés.

Tuvo la oportunidad de trabajar con empresas como Disney, Cisco Systems , AOL, Universal Studios, Chase, Sony, US Airways, GE, Capital One , SAIC, HP, Pfizer, Petco, Qualcomm, Technical Instruments, Levolor y Gateway entre otras.

Fernando tiene una experiencia probada en:

Here a few Companies/Pages Fernando is related to:

New Edge Consultants www.NewEdgeConsultants.com is a Human Resources Management Company. It had the opportunity to observe and study high-performance businesses and individuals within their competitor arenas across multiple industries, it has captured insights into what makes specific approaches truly unique, and why these approaches are imperative to maintain a competitive advantage.

The Successful Job Search Center www.FindRightJobFast.com The program has accomplished the best of all worlds, it maintains the human touch allowing the best Career Management Consultants to assist and support your employees when they need it the most.  This advice, guidance and support is accessible for longer periods of time ensuring a proper career transition at a fraction of the cost of outdated traditional services.

The Outplacement Solution www.OutplacementSolution.com has created The Most Effective Outplacement and Career Transition Service in the Market. By offering innovative and unique Outplacement packages with a variety of training programs (E-Learning- included), which allow clients to bring Outplacement consultants to their home, school or/and office. Thanks to today’s advancement in technology this approach reduces the high costs of repetitious specialized Consultants visits, the Outplacement service is brought directly to the client’s location adding the ability to listen to them as many times as necessary allowing a constant support. These practical and easy methods are designed for every learning style.

New Edge Productions Co. www.NewEdgeProductions.com has created and produced innovative audio-visual training programs (E-Learning), which allow clients to bring experts in various subject matters to their home, school or/and office. This approach reduces the high costs of repetitious specialized Consultants visiting the premises, the Systems bring them directly to the client’s location adding the ability to listen to them as many times as necessary facilitating information retention. These practical and easy methods are designed for every learning style.

Fernando Ratkoczy www.FernandoRatkoczy.com Founder and Co-Founder of several enterprises including The Outplacement Solution www.OutplacementSolution.com brings his multi-cultural background to the table. Giving him a unique ability to become an effective Cultural-Translator and deliver complex solutions to global market needs.

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